Abeline (“Abby”) – Adopted!


Abeline is approximately 4 months old and was rescued (along with 3 other litter mates) from a kill shelter in Texas. She is currently in a foster home waiting to be adopted. She has all but potty trained herself, does well in her kennel and enjoys playing with other dogs too!

Please email pcirescue@gmail.com for an application

Ace (adopted)

Ace is approximately 1-2 year old male husky/ shepherd mix. He’s only about 55-60 pounds. He adores people and likes to play with other dogs too. He does love to play in water too! He will go in a kennel nicely.

If your interested in adopting Ace, online applications can be filled out through our website.

America (Adopted)

america-5America is a 3-year old female Chihuahua, who came to us from a hoarding situation with 3 other Chihuahuas.  She’s a sweet little girl who’s shy and a little nervous about meeting new people.  She is loving her foster family and is warming up nicely. She does well with other dogs her size and cats too!  She’s ready to find her forever home so she can settle in!

If you’re interested in adoption, please submit an online adoption application by clicking on this link, and Make America your Great Companion!

Arlington (Adopted)

Arlington is an 18 month old male Chihuahua, who came to us from a hoarding situation with 3 other Chihuahuas.  He’s a pretty sweet little guy, and seems to have a sense of adventure about him.  He’s warming up to everyone in his foster home, and is ready to find his forever home!

If you’re interested in adoption, please submit an online adoption application by clicking on this link, and mention Arlington: https://www.pawscrossedinc.com/pet-adoption-application-questionnaire/

Ashes (adopted)

This sweet girl is only 11 months old and is deaf. Her date of birth is October 25, 2015.
Her previous owners put a lot of training into her and she already knows hand signals for basic commands! This girl is almost too smart. She had figured out how to open doors and unfortunately let herself out to run a few times. With no hearing, it was super scary for the previous owners when she would run towards a busy street and they had no way to call her back. With little time at home for her, they made a hard decision to let her come to rescue to find a family who can spend more time with her and have a safe fenced space for her to play in.

Check out Ashes youtube video demonstrating how smart she really is!


If your interested in giving ashes a home, please fill out an online application!

Aslan (Adopted)

Aslan is a 10 week old boxer/ shepherd mix female puppy.

She is already kennel trained and potty’s the second her little feet hit the grass! If your interested in adopting this adorable pup, applications can be filled out online through our website.

Aspen (adopted)


This little girl is approximately 6 months old and very skittish of people. She does wonderful with other dogs and actually seems to need another dog to follow around

She came from Taney County Shelter (near Branson, MO area). She had already been in the shelter as an owner surrender when the flood in south Missouri hit. The shelter is assisting the community pets that have been displaced due to flood conditions and are now housing 49 owned pets while their owners get their living situations figured out. In the meantime, this put the dogs that were already there at risk. The shelter was overflowing and rescues were needed to help get some out of there to make room. We took this girl who seemed to be scared and completely shut down in the shelter environment.

We are excited to watch her blossom and learn to trust people while in her foster home

Asteroid (Adopted)

Asteroid is an extremely adorable male Labrador Retriever mix.  He’s doing great in foster care!

This adorable little guy loves to explore, is super sweet, and he loves to play, play, play!    He’s going to be a great addition to his forever family!

Birth date: 7/23/2015
Adoption Fee: $200

If you have questions about Asteroid, or if you would like to apply to adopt him, please send an email to pcirescue@gmail.com.

Asteroid aka Astro2  Asteroid aka Astro4

Austin (Adopted)

Austin is a 3-month old retriever mix who was recently rescued (along with 10 others!) from a high-kill shelter in Longview, Texas. Austin is a very calm and relaxed puppy. He just goes with the flow, following the other dogs around in his foster home. He is shy with new people and hunkers down when someone tries to pet him. He sleeps all night in his kennel quietly with no accidents. He enjoys the outdoors, dog toys, playing with the other dogs and his favorite thing?  To cuddle in a human’s lap!  When he gets tired of playing, he walks into his kennel on his own to lay down. He does have a heart murmur- the vet isn’t worried about it and would like to re-evaluate in a few weeks as sometimes it can be induced by poor health (anemia).  More to come soon as we get to know this sweetheart better!

If you’re interested in adopting Austin, please send an email to pcirescue@gmail.com.

Austin3  Austin1

Ava- Adopted

Ava is a super-cute and sweet 16-week old Boxer mix.  She’s already off to a great start in foster care, and is learning new commands daily.  She’s doing great with her house and crate training, and since she’s treat motivated, has learned “Sit” and can lay down (without distractions)!  So far, she does well with other dogs, cats, and other small animals.  She’ll be a great addition to any family!  Apply now to bring Ava home!

If you’re interested in adopting this dog, please complete a pet adoption application questionnaire and mention Ava.