Pet Adoption Process Overview

Paws Crossed Inc is a foster based rescue. There is no facility for the public to come and meet the available pets. Because we ask our foster families and volunteers to make time in their schedules to conduct meet and greets with potential adopters, we do require an application to be submitted and approved first.

Pet Adoption Process Steps

  1. Complete our Pet Adoption Application Questionnaire.
  2. Once your application is submitted our Adoption Manager is notified and begins our review process. She will call you within a few days of receiving it to let you know she is starting on the application and ask any initial questions.
  3. After the reference checks are complete, a member of the Home Visit Team will call you to schedule a home visit. If you are applying for puppies, we will try to bring them to the home visit. If it is an adult dog, then a meet and greet is usually done on a separate appointment – especially if you have other dogs that will need to be introduced to the new dog on neutral ground.
  4. After the home visit is completed, the application will be approved or denied. If the application is approved and the meet and greet is a success for the family and all the animals involved, we will finalize the adoption.
  5. If the pet you are wanting to adopt still needs to be vetted (spayed/neutered and vaccinated), then we typically have the family meet at the clinic to finalize the adoption paperwork and you can take your new pet home from there. This is usually the case with puppies.
  6. You and your new family member live happily ever after!

Things You Need

In order to complete your adoption, you will need to have following items ready for the pet:

  • A Collar (we will give you the neck size measurement of your pet)
    • We prefer a Martingale Collar because it is more comfortable for the pet and less likely to slip over the pet’s head. We also find them to be more durable than a typical buckle collar.
  • A Leash (no retractable leashes!)
    • Retractable leashes do not provide enough owner control over the pet. In addition most leash laws specify a maximum leash length and a retractable leash will almost always exceed the legal limit.
  • An ID tag with your contact information on it
    • Resist the urge to put the pet’s name on the tag. Just put your best contact number on the tag (your mobile number is usually best). To increase the odds that someone won’t keep your beloved pet, put “Needs Meds Daily” on the other side of the tag!
  • The Adoption fee (cash or check made payable to Paws Crossed, Inc.)