We Need You

Paws Crossed is a volunteer-based organization. We depend on the time, energy, and commitment of our volunteers to support the vital work we do for homeless animals of our community. Our goal is to provide a temporary safe landing place for pets which find themselves homeless and then match them to a forever loving home.

Please review the volunteer opportunities and our hope is you will join our team to help where you feel your skills, ability, experience, and time allow. We would love to have you and the animals need you!

Become A Foster

Paws Crossed is a foster based rescue. If you are interested in helping dogs by being a foster parent, this means a dog will live in your home for several weeks to several months until a new home is found (average is 1 – 2 months). You provide the love and shelter. We cover the medical expenses and provide, food, training assistance, a crate if you need it and the support of a knowledgeable, dedicated rescue. If you can teach the dog to sit, stay, come and help with exposure to leash walking and potty training, that’s very helpful with getting the dog ready for a new life in a devoted new home!

We will help you throughout the entire process, reviewing applicants interested in adopting your foster dog and facilitating potential adopters with a “meet and greet” to meet the dog. Your role in knowing your foster dog is critical to appropriate placement so we work hand in hand to understand what is best for each dog.

We are always in need of foster homes since there are so many dogs needing help and can only take in animals when and if we have an approved foster home available.

*Paws Crossed Inc. does, on occasion, have a need for cat and kitten foster homes. We don’t discriminate. If you can help with kitties, we need you!

If you think you’re ready┬áto take an animal in need into your home, please apply to join our foster team by completing our Foster Application Questionnaire.

Make A Charitable Donation

Running a rescue requires money and money is always in short supply. Our animals come into rescue for lots of reasons but none of them come in because they’re in perfect health, perfectly behaved, and ready to cuddle on the couch. Medical issues are expensive to treat, behavioral issues take time to address, and it takes time and patience to restore an abused animal’s trust in people. Our adoption fees cover the basics for each animal in our care -basic vetting, spay/neuter, and vaccinations – but we also get animals who end up requiring expensive surgery, have behavioral issues requiring extensive training, and they always need to eat. Please considering making a one-time or recurring charitable donation to help us with all the additional expenses that come up. Our animals will love you for it!

Buy Us The Stuff We Need

We’ve created an Amazon Wish List containing the stuff we regularly need and use to┬átake care of our foster animals and just generally run the rescue. If you’d prefer to buy the stuff we need directly rather than make a cash donation, please click over to Amazon and fill your cart for the good of Paws Crossed, Inc.!